The Agricultural College of Tung-Hai University
Introduction to Agricultural College

linkpoint Animal Science and Biotechnology

Animal Science and BiotechnologyThe Animal Science Department's principle research areas are animal husbandry (nutrition, care and breeding of livestock),animal production processing(milk production, livestock processing, dairy and feedlot management) and molecular biology. The department was founded in 1976 , began offering masters' programs in Animal Husbandry and Animal Production Processing in 1989, and opened its doctoral program in 1990.

linkpoint Food Science

Food ScienceThe Food Science Department focuses on food technologies and preparing food industry administrators. It provides expertise in food processing, biotechnology, food health and sanitation standards, and food industry management. The department began in 1980, added its master's program in 1990 and plans to begin its doctoral program soon.

linkpoint Hospitality Management

Hospitality ManagementTo meet society's rising demands for well-trained hospitality professionals, the Hospitality Management Department was opened in 2000. It was designed to provide expertise in fast food, restaurant chain and hotel management. The department is cooperating with leading international universities to provide the most up-to-date training and skills needed to raise our nation's hospitality industry standards.